Q What are the ingredients in Sodium Chlorite?
A 22.4% sodium chlorite in distilled water.
Q What is the difference between 22.4% and 28% sodium chlorite?
A Our Sodium Chlorite is a 22.4 percent actual sodium chlorite solution. It is the same as a 28% solution of an 80 percent starting material.
Q Why is our Sodium Chlorite better?
A Our solution has the same ingredients and concentration as most other sodium chlorite solutions. However, ours is from a 90 percent sodium chlorite starting material while most others are 80%. Additionally, we ship a pre-mixed solution of citric acid to save you time in getting started.
Q Why do you need citric acid?
A Sodium chlorite needs to be activated. The citric acid starts the release of chlorine dioxide. You can use lemon juice to activate sodium chlorite instead of citric acid. Use lemon juice at the same rate, 5 drops per drop of sodium chlorite, as you would the 10 percent citric acid solution.
Q How do you make a 10 percent citric acid solution?
A Add 2 teaspoons of citric acid powder to 6 Tablespoons of distilled water. Stir until dissolved and pour, using a funnel, into the blue bottle. You will not need to do this until after you use up the pre-mixed citric acid solution.
Q Can you verify that the citric acid and sodium chlorite you sell does not come from a mercury cell chlor-alkali process?
A Our suppliers do not use a mercury cell chlor-alkali process to manufacture either sodium chlorite or citric acid.
Q How much sodium is in Sodium Chlorite?
A A little less than 6 percent of the weight of the Sodium Chlorite solution is actual sodium.
Q How long does a 4 ounce bottle of Sodium Chlorite Solution last?
A A 4 ounce bottle contains about 1930 drops.
Q What do people use Sodium Chlorite for?
A This product is recommended for water purification only. BetterWPD is not responsible for any damages or consequences due to improper use of this product.
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