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Foreign Orders MUST READ


Shipping on the website reflects ONLY shipping prices within the continental US.

Sodium Chlorite must be shipped via UPS Ground ONLY.

All orders that are located outside the US: You will receive a quote in an email. You need to reply to the mail within TWO WEEKS, or the order will be cancelled.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Sodium Chlorite Availability

** UPDATE 6/2018 **

We have at least another year’s worth of Sodium Chlorite powder in stock. Once this runs out, we will no longer carry Sodium Chlorite, due the difficulty of obtaining the powder wholesale. Sales have slowed the last few years, and BetterWPD is a small company without large enough resources to obtain it, because of the ways it has recently become more difficult and costly to obtain. We are predicting to be out of stock around the end of 2019, at the earliest. At that time, we will post links to larger companies where the same products are still for sale.

This notice is intended to give customers much advanced time to prepare. We have enjoyed every moment with you, getting to know our customers, who are amazing people. We still plan to carry the rest of our products as long as they are in stock.